Design Review and Collaboration

Improve design quality by verifying the entire model at once

Use Design Review for collaboration 

With most people how working from home, the need for effective communication among stakeholders acrosss the compnay and even with those outside of the company is more important than ever.  Design Review can be used for this purpose.

Design Review provides the following benefits and capabilties:

  1. The underlying 3D technology (XVL) was designed for use by the extended team of stakeholders. 
  2. Any mainstream 3D CAD file can easily be converted into the lightweight, fully accurate XVL format.
  3. Multiple CAD files, even different formats, can be combined into a single XVL file.
  4. XVL has extensive markup capabilities.
  5. Designed for non-CAD users, and access for stakeholders is free with several options including Microsoft® Excel® and web browsers.

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Challenges of 3D CAD Design Review

  • Reviews using 2D drawings are not effective.
  • Reviews using 3D CAD models are expensive.
  • Undetected problems in the released model cause rework.

Benefits of XVL for Design Review

By performing design review using accurate and light-weight XVL 3D models, it is possible to identify in advance the problems that are missed when using 3D drawings. Using XVL for design reviews in production engineering and manufacturing enables you to find and fix problems before the model is released and avoid costly rework.



Issues In Design Review

I Would Like To Do a Review Using 3D Models ...

Many manufacturing companies used 2D paper drawings for design review in the past. Today, 3D CAD models are commonly used for design reviews. If you do a design review using 3D CAD models, you should be able to catch many of the problems that were missed in the paper drawings.

However, since 3D CAD data is extremely heavy, while you can view 3D models of smaller assemblies, it is usually not easy to view 3D models of the entire product. Therefore, if you intend to use 3D CAD models in Design Review, you will not be able to use the entire product assembly model, and the efficiency and accuracy of the review will be reduced.

Reviews Using 3D CAD Models Are Expensive ...

In order to perform design review using 3D CAD models , it is necessary to use a 3D CAD workstation and a license for 3D CAD software. Both the workstation and the CAD license are expensive. You also need extensive training to use the CAD software effectively.

Therefore, considerable investment is required to provide a design review environment using 3D drawings. While it makes sense to make this investment for designers to use 3D CAD for day-to-day work, it is difficult to justify in terms of ROI for non-designers to use 3D CAD system just for design review purposes.

Undetected Problems in the Released Model Cause Rework

Interference, contact and clearance issues - these should all be found and fixed before the model is released. If these issues are not found by design reviews, they will cause problems later and require expensive rework to fix. That can delay product delivery and increase costs.

Also, since it is difficult to review the entire model at once using 3D CAD, most companies review parts of the model independently. This can result in missed issues when the parts are put together.


XVL Solves Design Review Problems

Review the Entire Product

XVL, the world's highest-performance ultra-lightweight 3D format developed by Lattice Technology features extremely low data size. XVL reduces the 3D CAD data to 1% of its original size while maintaining accuracy of up to 0.001 mm. In addition, large-capacity 3D data can be manipulated smoothly with reduced memory consumption.


XVL can handle entire 3D product models -- models that are too heavy for 3D CAD systems. This enables design reviews using the entire 3D model that find all of the issues – even those between different subassemblies. And XVL is so fast and easy to use, the it’s possible to perform frequent design reviews to improve the quality of the model – even in downstream departments.


Design review with 2D / 3D cross section

Perform Low-Cost Reviews Using 3D Models

XVL 3D models are available to anyone with standard computers and XVL products. No need for expensive 3D CAD software or high-performance workstations. With a standard PC or laptop and XVL products, you can quickly perform design reviews using 3D models.



dynamic dimensions with part move

Dynamic dimensions with part move

Interference check of parts.

Interference check of parts

If your design department uses several types of 3D CAD software, you can combine them into a single XVL model. As a result, design review environments can be developed at a much lower cost than using 3D CAD software.

XVL handles CAD file formats, can interchange file formats, and convert polygon file formats.

Problem Detection at Design Stage by Automatic Interference Check

With XVL Studio Pro, you can automatically detect interference, contact, and clearance between parts on XVL 3D models. 

Using this function, it is possible to perform the kind of automatic verification of large models that is just not possible with 3D CAD systems. All issues are detected automatically and listed with detailed information.


Color map display of interference and clearance check result

In this way, all issues found in the XVL model can be easily reviewed and resolved by the design team – before the model is released. This reduces costly rework, reduces costs and shortens time-to-market.



XVL Product Configuration for Design Review

XVL Studio Series

  XVL Studio Pro XVL Studio Standard XVL Studio Basic
Company-wide 3D data utilization
Review the entire product
Low cost review  
Review with rich DMU functionalities    
Automatic interference calculation    

Lattice3D Reporter

  Main product Template option
Publishing 2D/3D issue reports  
Publishing 2D/3D issue reports with templates  
Sharing issue reports company wide  

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