Lattice Technology Announces iXVL Player and iXVL Publisher

Improving 3D Data Viewing Anywhere

San Francisco, CA, January 31st, 2012—Lattice Technology® Inc.,the standard for technical communication and digital mock up software in the manufacturing enterprise, today announced the release of the iXVL Player and iXVL Publisher applications.

The ultra-lightweight 3D XVL® format is widely used in industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, heavy machinery, medical devices etc. where products can have a large number of parts and complex structures. It allows even the largest CAD files (often more than 1GB!) to be viewed easily on-the-go. Now, iXVL Player will allow your data to be shared and viewed on mobile devices.

iXVL Player is the new addition to the iXVL technology offered by Lattice Technology, Inc. and brings a new level of functionality to mobile 3D Data Viewing.

iXVL Player is a free application for the iPad® and iPhone® available on the App Store for sharing, viewing and interrogating 3D models. As well as viewing functions like pan, zoom, and rotate, iXVL Player provides additional features including hide/show parts, change display quality and view snapshots created with XVL Studio.

“iXVL Player is the ideal tool to share part information and manufacturing and service data” said Bill Barnes, General Manager, Lattice Technology, Inc. “It provides access to additional information including assembly structure and individual part names and properties coupled with the ability to update information over the internet.”

Along with iXVL Player, Lattice Technology, Inc. is also launching iXVL Publisher. iXVL Publisher supports all XVL files types and versions and enables them to be viewed and interrogated using any of the free XVL Players.

iXVL Player and iXVL Publisher are the latest additions to the Lattice Technology, Inc. family of mobile applications. These applications help companies in the adoption and use of mobile devices to easily distribute and share their 3D product data and information.

About Lattice Technology, Inc.

Lattice Technology’s powerful software tools set the standard for technical communication and digital mock up for the manufacturing enterprise. Engineers and non-engineers can easily perform design reviews, simulate assembly processes, and create work instructions or technical illustrations–directly from 3D engineering data. Lattice Technology’s solutions benefit companies who produce products with high part counts, complex geometry, detailed manufacturing processes or any ongoing lifecycle support requirements such as documentation, maintenance, and training. Target industries range from those developing large products such as airplanes and automobiles to small, complex machinery and medical devices. Founded in 1997, Lattice Technology, Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and San Francisco, USA.

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